About Us

We know that once your baby arrives, everything changes. Though that tiny new person in your arms won’t always be so small, through every age and stage, they’ll always have you. Just as they look to you for everything, you can look to us. For over three decades, our thoughtfully designed, pioneering infant and toddler care products have made family life easier, safer, and more fun. All so you can make the most of the everyday moments that matter now.

At ieBabay, we’re dedicated to making bath time, meal time, play time, and every time in between special for you and your baby. Parenthood can be thrilling, exhausting, beautiful, difficult and rewarding – often all at the same time. We’ll help you take it from merely manageable to a bit magical.

ieBabay focused on helping new parents solve some of their biggest problems. ieBabay  global reach spans 90 countries and more than 700 million consumer touchpoints, and the ieBabay family is growing. Thanks to new ideation and innovation, along with new investments in innovative spaces, ieBabay is on a path to make each day that much easier for early-stage parents and families everywhere. For more details on ieBabay, please visit www.iebabay.com.